100 loaves in order

Loaf 1 Lithuanian Scalded rye: too dry, trying again
Loaf 2 Russian Borodinsky bread: complex, heavy, malty, delicious!
Loaf 3 Hungarian Braided kalács: sweet and rich like brioche
Loaf 4 Icelandic Thunder bread: dense, sweet, nutty
Loaf 5 Macedonian Black bread: tangy, moist, complex, sweet
Loaf 6 Slovakian Pagach: too dry, try the pastries instead
Loaf 7 Dutch Frisian rye: dark and subtle, like a dense cake
Loaf 8 French Auvergne crown: a giant bagel of delicious sourdough
Loaves 9, 10 and 11 French sourdough, a rustic French light rye and German volkorbrot
Loaf 12 Italian pane di mais: dry, gluey, corn-flavoured, interesting
Loaves 13 and 14 Auvergne dark rye and French wholewheat sourdough
Loaf 15 Polish Cottage rye: robust, sour, homely
Loaf 16 French Pain aux pommes: hearty and time-consuming apple bread
Loaf 17 German Linseed and chopped rye: nutty and textured
Loaf 18 Finnish Limppu: sour, sour, sour
Loaf 19 Italian semolina bread: rich, dense, crumpet-like texture
Loaf 20 Italian Genzano bread: thick crust, airy and moist white crumb
Loaves 21 and 22 Romanian country bread and Danish rye
Loaf 23 Swedish knäckebröd: crisp and flavoursome
Loaf 24 Welsh bara brith: sweet, spiced, sturdy
Loaf 25 English stottie cake: dense and doughy
Loaf 26 Georgian khachapuri: rich, cheesy, sweet
Loaves 27 & 28 Irish soda bread and German pretzels
Loaf 29 Italian grape harvest focaccia: juicy, tasty, tender
Loaves 30 & 31 Cornish saffron buns and Greek New Year bread
Bread 34 Socca: crispy, charred and oily

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