Loaf 3: braided kalács from Hungary

I baked this because I felt like something completely different, and braiding the dough looked fun. And it was.

hungarian kalacs dough

Spot the braiding mistake. It was a long day.

Kalács is a celebration sweet bread especially baked at Easter, and it’s full of rich ingredients: milk, butter, sugar and eggs. It tastes like brioche, but a little less fluffy and fatty and more bread-y.

map europe hungary

Hungary is a big wheat producer, and somewhere I’m definitely going to return to, at least for the langos. According to this cheerily bonkers post, langos is deep-fried dough brushed with garlic-infused water, then topped with sour cream and cheese. Wow. In fact, I want to make that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, for the sweet bread, I used this recipe from Gastronomer’s Guide, which was clear and simple.

hungarian kalacs

hungarian kalacs 2


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