Failure, delicious failure

Inspired by the tales of pane di Altamura in my previous post, I had a go at Daniel Leader’s recipe for it with the remainder of my fine semolina. I only realised while doing some internet searching once it was in the oven that fine semolina wasn’t the right thing to use at all. It’s fine, but it’s still a meal, not a flour. It feels grainy rather than powdery between your fingers, and the texture of the final loaf wouldn’t be right. I really needed to get myself to a proper Italian deli and purchase some ‘farina di semola di grano duro.’

altamura failed 2

This is a shame because this loaf tasted great: an amazingly thick chewy crust and a nice interestingly dense crumb. It was also rather fun to make: quite spongy to knead, with a tendency to escape off the surface if left to its own devices.

altamura failed runaway


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