A visit to Shipton Mill

I’ve been scouring London for cracked rye grain to no success for the past two months. Cracked rye (also known as chopped rye, broken rye, coarse rye meal) is used in many German loaves, and a Dutch rye recipe I was itching to try. So I was particularly excited to fit a visit to Shipton Mill into my holiday.

Shipton Mill’s website instructs the visitor obscurely and sternly, providing no maps, but plenty of emphatic warnings about the neighbours (“WE ARE NOT THE FARMHOUSE ON THE MAIN ROAD… our neighbour gets extremely upset by people arriving in their farmyard”) and two blurry photos of an ivy-covered tree by which to identify the turning. So I was surprised to find the place to be very… clean, with a reception area like a central London law firm and barely a flour mote in the air.


Shipton’s site has been used as a mill for centuries, but the current owners took over the place in a run-down state in the 1980s and transformed it into a speciality flour miller. On a sunny day they get as many as twenty people popping in for flour (which you can also order online).

I bought a lot. Notably: French flour, dark and light rye flours and enough cracked rye to last me a while.



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