Picnic in the park: flavoured black bread and a new sourdough recipe

ImageMy 100 loaves project has thrown up an unexpected challenge: getting hold of recipes is harder than I thought. The internet is, of course, swimming in bread recipes, but they very often commit all sorts of gleeful and glorious acts of fusion. Authentic traditional bread recipes are relatively scarce. I suspect the ones I’m after are not in English. I really need to get hold of this book.

On Saturday, I journeyed to middle-class Mecca, Kensington Wholefoods, for supplies. It was marvellous. I spent over an hour there and came away with grain-based treasures:Image

The malt syrup means I can have a go at Russian Borodinsky bread this week.

In the meantime, I baked this deliciously non-traditional black bread by 101 Cookbooks for a picnic on Sunday. It has cocoa, coffee, molasses, and enough rye flour to give it a kick but not change the consistency too much. There’s the unusual addition of grated carrot, which I substituted for parsnip surprisingly deliciously.


I also tried The Weekend Bakery’s sourdough – a new method for me, with a poolish. Texture was lovely, but I’ll cut the cooking time by a good ten minutes next time. No photos of this one as I was running late and had a paper-based disaster to clear up (no baking paper, used white A4 instead to sticky effect).

At the picnic, we also had a go at hand-churning butter from double cream using jam jars, which is stupidly easy. Who knew? What other secrets is the world hiding?


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