New Bohemian Rye

I’m a newcomer to eating rye. The first one I tried, Breadtopia’s sourdough rye recipe, blew my head off with its strong flavour. I thought something had gone horribly wrong with my over-use of caraway seeds until a friend assured me it was supposed to taste like that. After I’d acclimatised, I loved it.

This Sourdough Home recipe, called New Bohemian Rye, is a lot milder. I was attracted to it because it had three-step process with the starter and I’m a sucker for exciting multi-step processes.

The starter takes about 30 hours to develop, and goes from teaspoon-sized to bowl-overflowing-sized. The first step, you keep the starter quite wet to develop the yeast, and the two further steps are to develop different flavours of the sour. The latter steps are drier, but other than that I’m not sure how they work. Here’s an explanation, and someone trying it in detail. Needless to say, I did not keep within the temperature boundaries very closely.

Taste test: nicely-risen, flavoursome without being overly assertive. Just the caraway seeds gives it a simple and satisfying flavour. Texture is solid, not too heavy. I’d like to see what it’s like in 24 hours, and if the sour comes through a bit more. But… I miss the heavy kick of the rye-heavy bread. Maybe it’s time to try a wheat-free rye?

The reason it looks a bit like a cake, by the way, is because I baked it in a cake tin. Yeah, need a bread pan.

new bohemian rye 2 new bohemian rye


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